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You could apply these skills to a career as a lawyer, a sales representative, a research chef, a small business owner, an advertising consultant and the list. 1a. Sample Occupations · Sustainability Specialist · Medical Researcher · Energy Asset Management Professional · Nanotechnologist · Regulatory / Government. Chemistry jobs are plentiful, but they don't have to involve working with hazardous materials or wearing a lab coat! You could be a research scientist, a. Top 10 Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs & Careers (Inc Salaries) · 1. Chemical Technician · 2. Chemistry Teacher · 3. Forensic Scientist · 4. Quality Control. What jobs can you get with an undergraduate Chemistry degree? · analytical, formulation, medicinal or process chemist · chemical or geochemical engineer.

Highest-Paying Jobs With a Chemistry Degree · Laboratory Assistant · 9. Pharmacist Technician · 8. Laboratory Technician · 7. Research Assistant · 6. How to Start Your Career in Chemistry · Chemist. Chemists examine substances at the molecular/atomic level and study how these substances interact with one. Where I work, our graduates go on to a range of careers, such as becoming analytical chemists, further education/research, teaching, working for. Chemistry BS jobs include forensics, medicine and environment. Engineers and biochemists have the highest chemistry major salary among chemistry salary. Careers in chemistry · Analytical Chemist · Accountant/ Auditor · Chemical Engineer · Chemical Development Engineer · Lecturer · Environmental Chemist. Chemistry majors are trained to think both analytically and creatively to solve practical and research problems. Chemistry majors work all primary work sectors. There are many jobs chemistry majors are suited to do. Use the resources below to discover what career you could pursue with a chemistry degree. The General concentration prepares students to go into a variety of teaching, technology or medical based fields. The Chemistry / Business concentration is. Chemists are employable in a huge variety of careers, from food science to environmental protection and pharmacology to forensics. Chemists become writers. 11 careers in chemistry · 1. Chemical technician · 2. Agricultural scientist · 3. Forensic chemist · 4. Environmental scientist · 5. Chemistry teacher · 6.

Jobs. Analytical chemist, biomedical scientist, crime scene investigator, detective, forensic scientist, scientific laboratory technician, toxicologist, border. Possible careers in Chemistry include food chemists, science writers, environmental consultants, lab managers, crime scene investigators, and policymakers. Careers in Chemistry · Chemistry · Biology · Law · Medicine · Business · Pharmaceutical Research · Biotech Research · Materials Science; Medical Research. What Can I Do With An Undergraduate Degree In Chemistry? · Chemist · Quality Control Chemist · Laboratory Technician · Technical Sales Representative · Chemical and. Sample Careers · Laboratory manager · Forensic chemist · Environmental protection scientist · Science policy analyst · Basic and applied researcher · Instructor. Some chemists work in sales as toxicologists, instrument or computer specialists, science writers, patent attorneys or translators. Career insights by degree. A bachelors degree in chemistry if you are competitive enough will get you a job. The problem comes down to what jobs are available as you are. Depending on your interests and skills, you can certainly find a job as an analytical chemist, running tests in the lab for, among other. The best Chemistry jobs can pay up to $, per year. You can apply knowledge of chemistry to a variety of different careers. You can work as a research.

What Types of Careers Can I do with a Degree in Chemistry? · Medical Laboratory Scientist · Biomedical Chemist · Industrial Hygienist or Toxicologist. What can you do with a chemistry degree? Explore over 40 fields in the chemical sciences. Learn what chemists do in different roles. Careers in Chemistry and Physics · Biotechnologist · Biochemist · Chemical Educator · Scientific Sales & Marketing · Environmental Chemist · Food and Flavor. Chemistry Careers: Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary · Laboratory Assistant. Researchers and scientists rely on the assistance of lab assistants to. You can get a variety of jobs with a chemistry degree. Careers in chemistry include: physician, instructor, chemist, pharmacist, and more!

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